Terms & Conditions
1.      UR Refrigeration & Air conditioning shall not be deemed responsible for any damage or theft of machinery in the costumer or construction site. The company will not be held liable for the loss of income due to damage that has occurred in the site indirectly relevant or connected to our service.
2.      Labour warranty that is provided by UR Refrigeration and air conditioning extends 90 days from the day of the job completion. Within this time period, the client can get free servicing or repairs on relevant issues that have risen due to the repair. Any issue that has been reported beyond the 90 day warranty will no longer be available for discounts or other opportunities and the client has to pay the full price of repairs should they choose our services again.
3.      Material and equipment warranty is the responsibility of the manufacturer who created the unit. Our company only offers warranties on specific repairs and work that we have done on the unit. Material or equipment damage that is beyond our scope of service is not within our jurisdiction. We also offer warranty on replacement products that we have installed in your machine. We make sure that our clients are given ample warranty for these parts. However, we do not offer extended warranties on actual appliances that we install or repair.
4.      Any quotation offered by UR Refrigeration and air conditioning is inclusive of GST (Good and service tax) and relevant taxes. We make sure that our estimates are as accurate as possible.
5.      Any quotation offered by UR Refrigeration & Air conditioning is valid for 90 days only from the quotation that has been issued. If the client decided to choose our services beyond the 90 day validity of our quotes, we reserve the right to do another estimate and apply current rates. We make sure that we offer our clients fair game in choosing a credible contractor so we offer validity for our prior quotations within 90 days.
6.      All prices are subject to update without prior notice. Prices of materials and other costs can change depending on inflation and market prices and as much as we want to keep the rates similar, we have to apply the changes which are why we offer quotations to ensure that the clients will be serviced with current prices. In terms of price changes after the quotes, we always inform our clients about additions in cost and we update the bill to ensure transparency.
Terms of payment
After signing the contract, payment should be as follows: the client is expected to give 30% deposit upon agreement. This serves as a deposit. The amount is within the legal limits for services.  During the first stage of the work, the client is also expected to pay the next 40% of the payment. The remaining 30% of the payment will be given by the client after the project has been completed. We make sure that the client is updated about these scheduled payments in order to ensure a smooth sailing transaction.