Air conditioning installation

Finding an ideal air conditioning system requires a thorough analysis of the project, the site and other important considerations. The right unit must be able to run efficiently and provide even, and controlled heating or cooling in a room or the entire living space.

A common practice especially for buildings and commercial establishments is to develop a heating and cooling system that does not take up too much space but still offers functionality to the entire facility; in such cases, installing multi head split system ACs is an ideal option to consider.

For small spaces in the ceiling in homes, and the homeowner wants immediate heating or cooling across the entire home, it is ideal to choose ducted AC units that are concealed across the ceiling and wall  cavities, avoiding bulk and ensuring consistent delivery of hot or cold air around the house.

Price range for each installation depends on what type of AC is used, the brand, complexity of design and special requirements. The quotes offered by AC contractors usually vary depending on the two popular formats of heating or cooling.

For Split systems:

Consider if the unit is designed as back to back or otherwise. This means that the outdoor unit is either located at the back of the indoor unit or is separate from the indoor unit and is positioned far away from the structure.

What kind of wall will the AC unit be installed on? Common types include fibro, brick veneer or double brick walls.

Will your AC be positioned up at the wall, around the roof/ceiling or positioned on the ground? The position or orientation of the AC will determine which bracket will be used to secure them.

What brand does the client prefer to buy? There are several brands of Air conditioning units like ECT, Dakin, Mitsubishi, and Fujitsu. Review different brands and models and compare specifications to find out which split system works for you the best.

Where is it going to be located? Determine the type of property and its unique features.

It is advised to provide all necessary information in detail so our consultants and specialists can offer an accurate quote through E-mail, or phone.

For Ducted systems

Our company offers new clients free estimates for ducted air conditioning systems. We offer air conditioning quotations for properties that are currently being planned, under construction or for existing properties. We also provide quotes for replacing old AC systems for both commercial and residential clients. All you have to do is contact us via phone or email and our engineering consultants or professional associates will provide accurate and competitive estimates that fit your budget.

Our team also specializes in numerous kinds of air conditioning systems like cassette, multi heat and sealing systems. Find out the right system that fits your needs. Contact our office on 02 9681 3300 or send an email, and one of our staff will contact you soon. The right AC system can save you money and provide your home or office space, a conducive living or working environment.