Air conditioning service :

UR Refrigerator and Air Conditioning is a leader in providing top quality service and maintenance of all air conditioning and refrigerator systems such as under ceiling units, wall mounted split systems ceiling cassettes and split ducted systems. We offer planning and installation of refrigerator and air conditioning systems for residential and commercial clients. We can handle small, medium and large scale project be it on planning the site, implementing systems for buildings under construction or offering replacement and repair services for existing properties.

We have a team of professionals in handling heating and cooling systems, vents, ducts all components of air conditioning.  UR Refrigeration and Air Conditioning is certified by the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Council. We offer our services to all suburbs around Sydney and companies across the New South Wales. We have skilled professionals who can offer top quality services no matter what brand or model of AC is being used. We offer regular services and period maintenance services. We have on-call repairmen and skilled engineers as well as technicians to provide our clients with a comprehensive reliable and high quality air conditioning solution.

Doing Air conditioning and refrigeration work can be complicated without the right knowledge tools and commitment to doing the task right. Air conditioners get dirty and this can compromise its functionality and capacity to provide high quality cooling or heating service. Effective air conditioning can be very helpful also in keeping the home or work space in perfect condition and more than that ensure that the home is conserving energy.

Tasks that owners can do to keep their air conditioners in perfect condition include the cleaning of filters in a regular basis, ideally once or twice a month depending on how heavy or light the air conditioning system is utilized. The filter can be taken out of an unplugged AC and then brushed with a regular brush or washed with water if there is deep seethed dirt. For outdoor units of air conditioners, specialists can review the position and risks that these units can experience such as tall grass or boxes that can affect functionality and ventilation of the appliance. It is ideal to keep the unit in an open and clear area for visibility and easier management.

These are just some of the important aspects that any owner should do regularly so that their air conditioning systems can work properly. For other tasks that might be too complicated, it is advisable to get the help of professional AC contractors to ensure that the unit will be thoroughly analysed especially if there are technical issues that could affect energy efficiency and reliability.

Our company is a comprehensive service provider for commercial and residential clients and we offer all kinds of relevant services regarding AC units and refrigerators. We offer services like filter cleaning as well as replacement if the filter has become too difficult to manage. We also offer cleaning on outdoor units. We check the refrigerant gas and check reliability and condition of wires throughout the system. Finally, we also check indoor unit air flow.