Our company is dedicated in supplying, installing and servicing commercial refrigeration units. UR Refrigeration and Air Conditioning is an approved AC contractor by the Australian Refrigeration Council Ltd. We have the experience, professional manpower, and knowledge to help companies in choosing and installing essential refrigeration units. These units come in a wide range of styles including cool rooms, freezers, display fridges and cabinets. We also have active involvement in the Energy Efficiency for Small Business Program to ensure that the commercial and industrial markets will find motivation to invest on energy efficient refrigeration units.

Our services include replacement, repair as well as servicing or all refrigeration units for shops, ensuring that the unit can provide proper cooling. We also have high regards to increasing energy efficiency of all our clients. Finally, we offer replacement services on damaged or inefficient doors, seals and components that could affect functionality and efficiency of these commercial refrigeration units. Our company also supplies and installs strip curtains for freezer rooms and cool room doors to control temperature levels inside these units.

No matter how small or big the role of a refrigerator in your business, it is still vital that you choose a unit that is efficient, reliable and can do the job at optimum efficiency. A smart and efficient refrigerator can save you a lot of money due to energy savings and well invested equipment can also provide incredible benefits and solutions for businesses, no matter what they may be.

For most businesses, appliances constitute a big chunk of energy expenditure and among these units, heating and cooling systems carry much of the weight energy efficient refrigeration system can result to energy savings and ensure faster ROI as well as savings.

Energy efficiency is a vital asset of refrigerators since the do not cause that much problems, do not break down easily and can last a lot longer compared to random refrigerators that might not even offer the best benefit for the business if they are to get broken all the time.

Modern refrigerators are ideal for energy saving practices. Items before 2001 usually are too old and do not contain the innovations found in modern brand models. Most refrigerators accessible from the year 2000 onwards utilize 40% less energy. The components of such devices include highly efficient compressors, reliable insulation systems and precision control over temperature and defrost features.

Refrigerators also need a lot of care and maintenance. For most residential refrigerators, it is very easy to keep the unit dust free. For commercial refrigerators, however, keeping them safe and reliable takes some precision skill and knowledge. Our services are ideal in ensuring that your refrigerator units can offer top quality benefits for consumers. With our specialists and teams of professional installers, repair and maintenance teams, we are proud to say that we have everything that you need to keep your refrigerators running well while minimizing energy consumption. If you would like to know more about our services, please contact us for more details.