Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is conventional air conditioning system?
A conventional or fixed speed air conditioning system runs at optimum capacity at a specific duration to provide both cooling and heating functions based on required temperatures till it shuts off. The unique aspect of this AC system is that it only operates if the internal temperature is above or below the predetermined settings of the user. The unit stars again as the temperature rises. Most fixed speed AC's  use  the R22 refrigerant and is no longer allowed for use in new AC systems and refrigerants due to its harmful effects in the atmosphere.

2. What is inverter air conditioning system?
Compared to traditional cooling systems, an inverted AC unit is a lot more economical and quieter to use at home or in the office.  An inverted AC system can also work in extreme temperatures and provide faster cooling compared to a fixed speed air system.  These AC units are more modern iterations and use alternative refrigerant gases like the R410a. This is a more environmentally friendly solution and is a lot more efficient in providing cooling than the R22. This is the standard refrigerant gas that we used in more recent models of AC's and refrigerants.

3. How long would it take installing a split system air conditioner?
The time it takes to install this unit depends mainly on the size of the house. On average, installing the unit can be finished within 3 to 4 hours.

4. How long would it take installing ducted system air conditioner?
Ducted systems often take a longer time to install. The size of the house will also determine how long the installation will be. On average, ducted systems are completed after 1 day.

5. What is ducted system air conditioner?
This is a unique air conditioning system that offers cooling and heating across the entire home by feeding the air into the vents found on the ceilings or walls of home.

6. How can multilevel homes benefit from an indoor unit without installing individual ACs on each level?
For homes that are under construction, we usually communicate with the carpenter to create a box inside the wardrobes. The number of boxes will depend on the number of outlets that home owner requires below. The boxes will then be covered to prevent the ducts from being seen. This ensures that the cool air or hot air will be delivered efficiently to your home.

7. How many wall panel controllers are usually with ducted system air conditioner?

It is common to find one control panel on each AC unit. We offer added control panels and install them depending on the size of home. One panel is placed on one floor of the house and then another one on a different floor.

8. What should I do when my split air conditioning system is not working?

A quick way to assess damage is to look at the batteries on the remote control or to check the unit if it is plugged in or if there is power running around the house.  If nothing works, then call us and we can check the unit for possible mechanical errors. 

9. What should I do when my air conditioning system is not cooling or heating enough?
Review the setup of the AC unit through your remote control. If it is not working, it is ideal to contact your AC specialist. We offer repair and maintenance of refrigerator and AC units and assess leaky units.