About us

Established in 1996 as a small operation, the UR Refrigeration & Air Conditioning started out as an air conditioning and refrigeration installation and maintenance contractor. With the increasing demand for high quality AC and refrigeration services, the quality has maintained its presence in the market and finally, in 2007 has become a full-fledged company offering a wide range of air conditioning and refrigeration brands apart from its maintenance and repair services.
UR Refrigeration & Air Conditioning specializes in a wide range of air conditioning systems including ducted, split and multi head air conditioning. The company is skilled and well versed in handling numerous tasks both major repair services and minor maintenance. We offer planning and installation of air conditioning systems for commercial and residential units. The company is a trusted name that offers top quality solutions for small, medium and large scale projects and our proven track record is a testament of our quality services and commitment to superior air conditioning.
Currently, UR Refrigeration and Air Conditioning operates across the New South Wales and is located in its headquarters in Lidcombe. Effective air conditioning is vital for both homes and commercial spaces. Effective AC systems can protect equipment, preserve produce, increase air quality and provide comfort to those who live or work in that establishment. With our numerous successful projects together with the Department of Environment, we were able to help create more sustainable, energy efficient and reliable operations to existing and emerging businesses. Our efforts are driven by the desire to protect the environment while ensuring top quality solutions and energy savings for our clients.
Currently, we employ a team of skilled and qualified specialists in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning planning, installation, repair and maintenance. Throughout the years, our team has expanded and is a reliable solutions provider for both residential and commercial establishments in New South Wales. With our partnerships with numerous AC and refrigeration brands, we are also committed in providing customized services depending on the unit or brand that the client is carrying. The company is currently led by our managing director, Sam.
Sam ensures that all aspects of the business are customized to the needs of each client. Consumer-oriented service is an important aspect of the business and that is why all efforts to improve the business are driven by the needs and demands of our clientele. We understand that clients are seeking qualified professionals who can offer quick but precise solutions in regulating indoor temperatures. Sam serves as the backbone of the company, ensuring that the company’s success and growth is well guided.
As the demand for cost effective and reliable AC service increases, so is the demand for quality contractors to handle the job. At UR AC and Refrigeration, we are driven by the needs of our clients seeking fast and reliable service, competent solutions and top notch services. We also continually seek new members for our team who have the skills, experience and motivation to handle the tasks with efficacy. To know more about our company, please contact us and our representatives will inform you about our unique services.